Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Super Mario Gashapons

Super Mario galaxy 2 Pre-Painted Mascot Key Chain Gashapon

 This is so cool. Although almost half of them are duplicate designs from the previous Mario Galaxy gashapon set (the ghost mario, bee mario and twirling mario), the 3 designs with Yoshi captures some of the best gaming moments in Mario Galaxy 2!

Buy Super Mario galaxy 2 Pre-Painted Mascot Key Chain Gashapon at

New Super Mario Bros Wii. Key Chain Gashapon: Yoshi's Egg Projector

Buy New Super Mario Bros Wii. Key Chain Gashapon: Yoshi's Egg Projector at

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mario 25th Anniversary

Nintendo is celebrating Mario's 25th Anniversary this year! To commerate Mario's success over the years, Nintendo has came up with several special edition merchandise including a red Nintendo Wii, DSi and a special collection pack. These are all available for pre-order now at . Please do note that these are the Japanese versions. Nintendo had already annouced news the European versions will be out soon as well. I'm hoping that Nintendo USA will not disappoint us.

Super Mario Collection Special Pack
for Nintendo Wii (J)

A special collection pack will be out featuring the first 3 Mario games and the lost world stages for the Wii. Besides gaming, the package comes with a booklet with all the game sketches, illustrations and development information. Come see how Mario evolved over the years as you listen to the special soundtracks. Favorite themes and arrangements from all existing Mario games are collected into this CD.

 Nintendo DSi LL (Super Mario 25th Anniversary Edition)

If you love Mario and the DS, its a good opportunity to upgrade to the DSi LL with the special red Mario edition. The console comes with two brain training games and a dictionary.

Japanese Nintendo Wii (Super Mario 25th Anniversary Limited Edition)

This red Mario Nintendo Wii bundle will come with the new Wii Remote Plus, the upgraded Wii-mote with motion plus built in,  and  comes with a special 25th anniversary version of the classic Super Mario Bros. installed on the system. This special edition of Super Mario Bros will be similar to the original, with a few graphical changes. For example, instead of the usual question mark boxes that you see in the game, they will be replaced with 25th anniversary boxes.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mario Furuta Series: Wii New Super Mario Bros

Furuta has just released a new series of trading figures based on the New Super Mario Bros game for the Wii. This would be Furtua's 4th wave of Super Mario figures.

Each figure comes in a delicious chocolate egg, and there are 15 figures in total. (Penguin Mario is the Chase Figure). Everybody loves surprises, and finding out whats in each of the chocolate egg is an enjoyment.

After opening 30 eggs, I am still short of Yellow Yoshi Egg, Blue Toad and Chu Chu (Mouse) to complete the set and I have 7 mecha Browsers!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to Tokyo - Super Potato (at Akihabara)

I have just came back from a vaccation at Japan. One of my intentions there was to keep a look out for Mario collectibles. Although I have not seen much unique Mario merchandise to purchase, my visit to Akihabara (a famous area in Tokyo for Anime/video games store) was an eye opener in terms of the amount of retro gaming stuff that they have there. Check out the photos I have taken at Super Potato, a store that specialises just in retro gaming and with a retro Arcade at the top floor!!

Click the photo below or follow this link to the photo gallery.
(Note: photography permission have been granted by the salesperson)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mario Poker Cards is having pre-orders for 3 different series of Mario Poker cards. The Dot version is based on the original Super Mario Bros art, the standard version take up a style similar to the promotional artwork of Super Mario Bros 3 while the neo version features the modernised 3D imagery of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Among the 3, the dot version appeals to me the most. The golden yellow borders and pixelated mario in the centre gives it a classy feel. It amusing to see that Broswer has been made the 'Joker'. These are official Nintendo Merchandise from Japan.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Suntory Super Mario Bros. Wii Strap Drink Potion

Hot new items now available at Suntory has just released a series of Mario handphone strap that comes randomly with every 500ml bottle of Dakara health drink.

Description from
"Mario isn't only here to keep you entertained. It's here to help maintain your health. These straps comes with a bottle of Suntory's energizing drink. Rich with calcium, magnesium and potassium, this bottle witll help replenish the nutrients that you lost when you do everyday tasks.

The eight Mario figures that you could get are Mario, Yoshi, golden mushroom, bullet, blue mushroom, Kooper Junior, Penguin Luigi and the man eating flower. Lots of outfits, lots of fun, be prepared to take your strap home."

The yellow toady, penguin Luigi, Pink Yoshi and Koopa Junior are probably what I would eye for. This will be an incentive to try out one of Japan's hit drinks. Mario goods usually get sold out fast on play-asia, so don't miss out the chance to get them. =)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Super Mario Bros Wii Item Collection Gachapon (set of 12)

This set of gachapon consists of 12 items mascot from the Wii New Super Mario game. 4 of these are duplicates from the Mario Kart item gachapon series: "Power up Mushroom, Green shell, Red shell & POW brick", with much sharper paintwork for the shells.

Penguin suit, flying helmet mushroom and Ice Flower are new power ups introduced in the game.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Hi all, if you have left me a message through the post comments previously and have yet to receive an reply, do drop me an email at about it. Due to a change in my blog settings, all the posts have been removed by mistake =(

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yuijin Wii New Super Mario Bros Enemy keychain swings.

This set of 10 keychains from Yuijin features the enemies from the Wii New Super Mario Bros game. The quality from Yuijin is superb as usual and I love the mole, green dude and hermit crab especially. I am still short of the bullet bill, but I believe the sculpt of it is exactly the same used in the Mario Kart items keychain since the blooper has been copied as well.

Below is a comparison of the blooper from this series (with metal chain) with the one in the Mario kart items swing series (with metal chain removed). They are exactly the same, except with an insignificant difference in its manufacturing labels at its back. Instead of "2009 Nintendo T-Arts Made in China", the latter states "2008 Nintendo Yuijin Made in China".

As for the Goomba, it seems like an identical mould as compared to the one used in the Mario Galaxy enemy swing (with metal chain removed), except that it has a lighter shade of brown, and its legs' position has been mirrored from the original.

If anybody is looking for a particular piece from this series, please feel free to drop me an email at n3kketsu@hotmail for exchanges/trade. =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Game & Watch Merchandise!

*update* 4th May 2010 - Note: These keychains are not working sets of the Game & Watch Series. I have just received mine and was dissapointed to realise that these keychains merely displays an animation of the game. The left and right buttons are pressable dummy buttons which does nothing. Despite having high hopes of reliving the Game & Watch series, these key chains are still great momentos.

Remember the vintage Game & Watch series? This isn't exactly Mario related, but any Nintendo fan will probably be interested in this =) Now you can bring them around in their miniturised form!
These keychains were snapped up like hot cakes previously on Play-asia. But fret not! Fresh stocks are available at the time of this post. I'm glad I could get them this time round. =)

There are 3 various keychains available: Chef, Parachute and Octopus!
It looks exactly like the vintage handheld set, and best of all, it runs on solar power.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super Mario Pedestal Figures Vol.2 (Banpresto) - Babies

Here's the Baby Mario & Baby Luigi from the Pedestal Figures Vol.2. They are puny, with each figure less than 3 inches tall, inclusive of the base. The figures are heavy at the top, and require some support to stand upright. The paint work for my Baby Mario isn't well done for the side of his hair. Other than that, everything else is perfect. I believe their poses and expression are meant to be rendered faithfully based on the game 'Mario & Luigi - Partners in Time" for the Nintendo DS.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wii Motes Candy Dispenser, Whistle & Miniture Gashapon!

From smallest to largest (left to right): Wii mote miniture Gashapon by Yujin, Wii mote whistle, Wii mote Klik Candy Dispenser, and the actual wii mote for scale comparison.

All of them are faithful replicas of the actual Wii mote, except for the wii mote whistle that is shaped flatter. The whistle is clearly a unofficial licensed product since its written 'W11' instead of 'Wii' on the packaging.

Apart from the size, its exceptionally hard to tell the difference between the Klik candy dispenser and the actual wii mote.

Mario Power Up Energy Drink

Need something to perk you up for the week? Here's what you need =) Super Mario's Power Up & Donkey Kong's Jungle Juice flavored Energy Drinks!

Check out the ingredients. Panax Gingseng (Asian Gingseng). Seems pretty potent!